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of Energy

Take an integrated look at energy consumption in the production process, making it more efficient over time, resulting in reduced operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you know that in many businesses, a 20% cut in energy costs is the same as a 5% increase in sales?

Energy represents an important slice of an organization's operating costs and is present at different points in its value chains, from the processing of raw materials to product distribution. Looking at energy as a factor of competitiveness is essential because the reduction of energy consumption and waste, leads to productive efficiency that allows to obtain high levels of performance.

How important is energy management?

Managing energy is looking at energy consumption in the production process in an integrated way. It is to manage the entire energy system of an organization: electricity, gas, biomass, diesel, or any other type of energy source and make this system more efficient over time, resulting in reduced operating costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Benefits :

  • Focus on efficiency and competitiveness of your business
  • Continuous improvement with the reduction of energy consumption and waste
  • Expert team working with you on sustainable energy use

Ready to start your energy transition?

Energy Management


Helexia can help your organization in:

  • Energy management to make better use of energy on an ongoing basis
  • Certification of an energy management system that follows the parameters of ISO 50001
  • or even know the energy and environmental efficiency of your fleet identifying cost reduction opportunities.

Energy Management

ISO standards quality control assurance warranty business technology concept

ISO 50001




Regulatory audits and diagnostics


Our Methodology

Diagnostics and sizing

Needs assessment and technical project sizing based on the established diagnosis

Technical and economical proposal

Presentation and negotiation of a technical and economical proposal suitable to your needs

Management and Implementation

Project implementation, through construction and/or installation of energy services

Operation and Maintenance

The project is in operation and we guarantee its periodic preventive maintenance

Continuous Improvement

Optimization and improvement of your energy projects in the evolution of your needs

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Helexia Services

  • Energy production

    Reduce energy bills with clean and renewable energy production
  • Energy Management

    In an ongoing relationship, we improve your energy use.
  • Energy Savings

    Use energy efficiently and make your production process more competitive
  • Electric Mobility

    We install and operate charging networks at no cost to the host.
  • Energy as a Service

    We implement and invest in the services services necessary to offer the best comfort to your building.