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Auchan Project


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Helexia emerged as a privileged partner that solves one of the greatest challenges for us, of having self-consumption and allowing us to have a more sustainable building.


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About the project

AUCHAN has a strong commitment to carbon footprint reduction and one of the major steps is to decrease conventional energy consumption. The ambition is to achieve 100% renewable energy consumption and reduce up to 40% its electrical consumption by 2030, compared to the reference year 2014.

As part of a global partnership, Helexia is working with Auchan on an action plan with the necessary measures to achieve these goals. This partnership includes a collaboration at: energy management, execution of energy efficiency measures and supply of renewable electricity through the construction of self-consumption photovoltaic power plants, mainly for Helexia and the signing of contracts for the purchase of green energy (Corporate PPA) to Voltalia who is a shareholder of Helexia.

In Portugal, several projects have already been carried out, such as the Auchan headquarters in Portugal. The main building, in addition to the offices incorporates also a hypermarket. About 35% of the building’s energy needs are guaranteed by clean energy from a solar carport and a roof photovoltaic plant. The building also provides several charging stations for electric vehicles.

Auchan Portugal and Helexia have already implemented charging stations for electric vehicles in nine stores distributed in various locations in Portugal. This allows Auchan customers to comfortably charge their electric cars while shopping. Electric mobility will also continue its expansion in the group’s various stores in Portugal.

Concerning the use of clean energy, very soon will begin the implementation of solar self-consumption in seven stores, for a total of 5 MWp capacity.

Energy management and energy efficiency are also on the roadmap.

Helexia designs and develops with customers energy solutions using clean energy that generate value. It is essential to enhance and combine economic and ecological sustainability in the energy transition, to build a more sustainable future both for companies and the planet.

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